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About The Artist

Akiq AW, Yogyakarta based artist and curator, is a member of MES 56 artists collective and The Trengginas, a punk rock wannabe band based also in Yogyakarta. His works mostly talk about the tactics of everyday life by everyday people. His first exposed photo series, The Order of Things, was a story on how people live on their own creativity and imagination; he took photos of “installation” made by common people.
The Great Leader of Revolusion, Ir. Soekarno # 1 and #2 | 2018
By Akiq AW
Photography | Edition 4 of 5 | 40 x 48.5cm

Wars and Heroes series highlights on people's response toward militerism and nationalism discourse on history, especially during Independence Day Ceremony, using images or shape that they made
in public space.

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