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About The Artist

Theseus Chan (b.1961) is a Singaporean graphic artist and printed matter designer who works in the visual arts, materials, printing, and processing technology. His work embraces all forms of papers and cardboards – from the cheapest, even discarded materials, to the most expensiv and luxurious – he combines these with inventive printing methods, ranging from offset and screen-printing and lithography to acrylic inkjet. His attitud is, "No material is off-limits; no technique is impossible." His publication WERK magazine has garnered international acclaim for experimenta publication design since 2000. He was awarded Designer of the Year at the inaugural President's Design Award Singapore in 2006 and is the only Singaporean artist invited to Ginza Graphic Gallery for a solo exhibition in 2012. Some of his collaborators include art book publisher and artist Gerhard Steidl (Germany), designer Rei Kawakubo (Japan), and psychedelic visual artist Keiichi Tanaami (Japan). Theseus is the only Asian artist outside of Japan invited to create the Iconic Artist poster for Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
By Theseus Chan
Ink on Stretched Canvas | Edition 1/1 | 45.7cm x 35.6cm

"BEAUTIFICATION OF ALIENS" is a series that translate themes of humanity, xenophobia and social segregation. One of our inclinations is to accept others as long as they are like one of us. Our bias defines these superficialities.

We defend and justify this prejudice contrary to love, acceptance and respect for one another.

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