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About The Artist

Andrea Danker (b. 1996) is a Malaysian visual artist based in Singapore. Her work rethinks and privileges the subtle minuscule shifts of lived experiences, exploring the constructs of inhabitation within a passing time and space. She works across painting, drawing, and installation employing techniques of storytelling to present different views of perceiving everyday events and occurrences informed through personal narratives and social implications.

She graduated with a BA(Hons) in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. She has participated in group exhibitions including Across Narrow Waters, as part of The Substation’s Septfest 2022, and KUAD+ Plus Project, 2016 at Tomo Gallery, Japan. She was awarded the Winston Oh Travelogue Award in 2022.

Soothe Balm
By Andrea Danker

Sculpture: Acrylic paint in glass | Unique piece 
Acrylic paint on canvas | Unique piece | 914.4 x 1219 mm

Soothe balm is a site-responsive series of works that delves into the qualities of Tiger balm. Paying homage to the Tiger Balm Building established in the 1930s situated on the junction of Short Street and Selegie Road, the works expand upon constructs of repair and healing. As we dwell in a post-pandemic world, there is a desire in the artist for the search of a balm to not only soothe the physical body but rather to soothe the soul, in coping with this state of transition.

Taking a photographic approach to painting, images of the skyscape are captured and translated gesturally into a painting. Paint subsequently takes on the role of the Tiger balm as it is applied onto the canvas - akin to smearing balm onto a layer of skin. This gestural application then extends onto the cracks and cavities of the exhibition space. The architectural space of Peace Centre is thus being anthropomorphized to soothe the human skin where the paint is applied.

Soothe balm thus mirrors the properties of Tiger balm in an attempt to emulate a space of contemplation, to take a pause in alleviating and acknowledging the temporal shifts and adjustments present within post-pandemic today.