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About The Artist

Carlos Alba (*1984 in Madrid, Spain) is visual artist working mainly with photography, video and installation. His work is focused on human and nonhuman relations in the modern world. He is exploring issues from everyday life, especially those which affect vulnerable living beings. He received his MA in Photography at the University of the Arts London in 2018. He has been living and working in London and Singapore. He is currently based in Madrid, Spain.
I’ll Bet The Devil My Head | 2013 - 2020
By Carlos Alba
Photography | Edition 1 of 3 + 1 AP | 30 x 21cm

Over the past two decades, a growing share of the public has come to the view that contemporary society is divided into two groups, the “haves” and the “have-nots.” As numerous studies have demonstrated in recent years, income gains over the last few
decades have been heavily concentrated at the very top of the society.

London, where this story takes place, is one of the most important financial cities in the world. In the “City of London”, the neighbourhood where the banks play with the money, you can find brokers (“haves”) and urban foxes (“have-nots”).

I am working with hunter techniques and tools to take pictures of both of them. Urban foxes are on the street, far away from their common habitat. Brokers are hunted by photographs, near their offices, at the end of a working day.

Both of them share the city and the fight for survival and power within their own societies. Also, a high number of both, the brokers and the foxes of the “City of London”, have not been born in London. “The movement away from an area where they’re born to another area is usually due to competition within the group and looking for food.” Explained Dr. Dawn Scott speaking about red foxes.

Most people assume they need to head to more remote areas, like state and national parks, to see a Red fox, but according to several experts, many individuals need to look no further than their own neighborhoods.

“I’ll bet the Devil my head” is a visual tale about our daily life. This fable follows the urban life in The City of London, tracking the movement of urban foxes into cities; It studies the movement of human and non-human animals heading to a new habitat; and presents rare images and behavior of both in our contemporary cities and their attempts to become the dominant animal. No matter where they make their home, Red foxes and Humans have proved they are one of the most widespread and adaptable animals on the planet.

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