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About the Artist

Geraldine’s recent work focuses on using the photographs to talk about the living conditions of migrant labour in Singapore. Her other interests include family, mental illness and land-space issues in Singapore. She uses the act of photography as an introspective method, and wishes for her images to challenge and evoke questions. Her interests have most recently broadened to include situating photographs within an installation, and thinking about the architectural potentials of an exhibition site. Geraldine has also participated in several community-oriented projects. Geraldine is also the co-editor of Left to Right, an anthology of lens-based images made in Singapore.

As quietly as rhythms go | 2014
By Geraldine Kang
Photography | Edition 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 + 1AP | 1/3: 100 x 43cm,
2/3: 54 x 62.5cm, 3/3: 54 x 62.5cm
UV ink on aluminium with bracket

Shipping fee issued upon purchase.