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About The Artist

Maki Hayashida (b.1984) is a photographic artist based in Tokyo and won the Grand Prix at Dummy Book Award of Singapore International Photography Festival 2020. Her work has been exhibited internationally and domestically, such as FORMA International Photography Festival (2019), and KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival KG+SELECT (2021).

[Sold] Beyond the Mountains | 2020
By Maki Hayashida(林田真季)
Medium | Edition 3 |42cm x 59.4cm

Works from my latest project, "Beyond the Mountains,” a visual exploration and documentation of illegal dumping in Japan. Focusing on the large-scale illegal dumping cases across Japan, as well as some important related matters, the entire project is documented with a mixture of archival images by residents and governments, present photographs, and materials from public notices by local governments.

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