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Hybrids #08 (A History of Thirty Nine Cuttings) | 2022
By Marvin Tang
Edition No: 1/1 + AP | 210cm x 140cm
UV print on acrylic block with metal brackets

A History of Thirty Nine Cuttings investigates the history of the Vanda Miss Joaquim and the selection process that led to it being the only hybrid National Flower in the world. This investigation also alludes to its alignment to national agendas and the use of flora as devices of national identities.

Hybrids is a chapter in A History of 39 Cuttings and serves as a proposal for a new national flower. One that draws reference to the strange amalgamation of technology and biology, natural and manmade that we encounter so often in our City in Nature.

Serving as a speculative chapter to the future of Orchids in Singapore, Hybrid proposes 39 Orchids that mimic our foreseeable relationship with nature, moving past lab based hybridisation where our new national flower becomes a symbol of our digitalised future and nature experienced as a graphic.

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