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About The Artist

Tan Chuan-Jin is the 10th Speaker of Parliament of Singapore and a Member of Parliament. Over the years he has been supporting various charities in fundraising through the sales of his photographic work. He has served as the Minister for Social and Family Development and Minister for Manpower. At present, he is the President of the Singapore National Olympic Council and also contributes as Advisor to the National Council of Social Services. Mr Tan’s interest in photography dates back from his early years in the Singapore Armed Forces. Often training outdoors, he found himself drawn to nature around him and wanted to capture the images of what he had seen. Over the years, photography became a hobby that Mr Tan holds close to his heart, not just because he finds it therapeutic, but also because it has taught him to view life from different angles and to see the beauty in everything. Mr Tan hopes to use this hobby to positively impact the communities around him.

Montserrat | 2017
By Tan Chuan-Jin
Print on Metal | Limited Edition | 100 cm X 60cm

Shipping fee issued upon purchase.