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About The Artist

Born in Kobe, Japan. Tomoko Sawada works and lives in Kobe.

She uses photography to explore the relationship between one’s inner life and outer image. Her works borrow compositional devices from familiar photographic formats such as the school portrait, wedding, and fashion photography, restaging them in a satirical mode so as to lay bare their various stereotypes and assumptions.

Predominantly casting herself in the role of model, She has built an extraordinary cast of characters that present a humorous and incisive portrait of Japanese society.

Mirrors | 2010
By Tomoko Sawada(澤田知子)
Chromogenic Print| 18 x 11cm

#2: Edition 3/8
#17: Edition 2/8

The dual images in each photograph are presented like twins and while they bear a striking resemblance to one another, a closer inspection reveals how different they truly are.

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